May 6, 2012

Words on Your Plate

I created a game that I call “What’s on Your Plate” to have my students practice building three letter words and writing them, which they did on a paper plate.  I wrote consonants and vowels on blank dice. The children had to throw the dice and try to form a word. If a word was formed the child would write the word on a paper plate.

If you cannot find blank dice you can make them out of paper. 

 You need to do the game according to the level of your students. After assessing my students I decided to write the vowel a in all sides of one of the dice. The other two had consonants that would make it easier to build words. one die had t n b c  s r and the other had t n g p h m. That made t easier for them to build words ending in ‘an’ and ‘at’.

 I placed the dice in a cup.  The students had to throw the dice in the plate and try to arrange them to form a word. Then they would write the word on the paper plate.

 They were motivated by the game and I left it in the language shelf for them to use during choice time. They also wanted to put the plates in their portfolio so I placed them in a plastic pocket with an explanation of the activity written on top. I had to cut the paper plate a little to fit in the plastic pocket and that is why the boarder looks like that. I used one of the Krazy Cut Scissors from Colorations to make that trim.

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