May 11, 2012

Portfolio Cover Idea

Student portfolio covers is something that usually evolves with the portfolio content. The students had done a nice collage of tissue paper on colored paper and we thought that would be it, another beautiful art creation. 

One student wanted to make more and I asked why? Because it is nice! Of course, what was I thinking when I asked that? This was at the beginning of the school year. We had been doing our initials in many ways and one student suggested we could paint letters on that paper. We ended up cutting out our initials from that paper and we were going to paste on a paper to put in the portfolios when I suggested that we could glue the initials on the portfolio covers.

Just a few weeks ago after the letters were all glue on the portfolios binders I said “ I like it but it seems something is missing”. One of the students said, “Dots! We can put dots on it”. So thanks to children’s imagination and to one of our favorite staples at the art center, the dot-to-dot markers, we have our portfolio covers ready.

We all love them!


  1. These covers are beautiful. I'm not surprised that you all love them!
    I am your newest follower.

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