May 14, 2012

Sensory Collage

Using felt, yarn or any other type of soft material is a fun way to make a 'sensory collage' or as the students called it a 'fluffy collage'.

I had left over pieces of felt that I pre-cut into small pieces to make it easier for my little ones. However some students were able to cut the felt themselves.

I had three tables placed side by side with pieces of felt scattered on them so they could get a better visual.

 First have the child cover the paper with glue. Thick brushes make the work easier.

Then have the yarn available for them to cut any length they want.
 I like to store the yarn inside a basket so that the children can see inside and if if they cut it too close to the basket it is easy to pull the string out again, which the children can do by themselves. 

Then just leave the children free to create their fluffy artwork.

 They all created their work with such care. They were calm and concentrated. 

Here are the final fluffy artworks.


  1. The results are absolutely beautiful! Lovely to have found your blog- thanks for commenting on mine.

  2. Thanks Anna, I love your blog, I am adding it to my blog list!