May 21, 2012

Exploring Capacity

What better place to explore capacity than a sandbox? I'm fortunate to have a large sandbox at my school. First we all sat around the sandbox and we made all kinds of inquiries. I carried out all the explorations as the children watched. I did it in a very excited manner to fire them up, so by the time I finished they were all very eager to try it themselves. They could then work in paris or independently. I believe a teacher's genuine enthusiasm is key to motivating students.

Those two girls worked together.
They took turns.
The end result was a birthday cake with a little twig candle in the middle.
 "I want a real measuring cut"

 "This will take a long time and I can fit many spoons of sand in the bucket. I do not think I want to find out how many spoons fit in here."
"Oooh this is fast!

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