May 7, 2012

Sand Collage

by Shose

Exploring texture is a lot of fun as well as finding art mediums that can create textured artwork.

After reading the book "The Shape of Me and Other Stuff" by Dr. Seuss one of my students made a comment about the wavy lines on the last page. I said it would be fun to explore lines and texture at the same time. One student said we could use glue and sand to make wavy lines. I asked her how she came up with that idea and she said she just did. That's great. I love to use students' ideas.

I am still wondering how the student had that idea so quickly. We have been talking about lines and colors and mediums but that was so perfect. The only connection I can make is the fact that the student is a very observant person and she saw me making the sand numbers cards so she knew the effect of sand glues on paper.

I used an old hair color tube to put glue inside. And we also had sand in two shades, light from our sand tray and dark from the playground. 
And here we go ...
First put the glue on the paper and make any designs you want.

Put sand on top with our hands to add to the sensory experience.

Lift it up and 'voila'!

by Jelte

The results were very different and the children loved to touch it after it was dry.
by Isaac

by Louisa

by Nina

by Jabari

detail from Jabari's work

by Jemima

by Imani

by Dominic

by Jelte

by Larissa

by Amy

by Marika

by Jay

by Fredy

by Edvin

by Delhem

by Milla

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