March 3, 2012

Number Recognition Self-Assessment

I created these assessments to check the ability of a young child to recognize numbers randomly dispersed on a page. It is important that the numbers are not showed in order.

I use the same worksheet for pre-assessment and summative assessment as well. Once you see the worksheet you will understand how I can use it multiple times and how it shows student’s progress over time. I call it a self-assessment because the student is actively engaged in marking the page, receives immediate feedback and come out of the experience with a learning goal.

These Number Recognition Self-Assessments are great items for a Student Portfolio.

I created one assessment sheet for number recognition from 1 to 10 and another from 1 to 20.
You can download them both for free. Just click on the images below.

Assessment is a vital component in teaching. The first step in teaching is to have a teaching goal, an objective; what we want the students to know. Then we need to assess what the students already know, tailor the lessons/activities/learning engagements and finally we assess what the students have learned.

The Number Recognition Self Assessment that I created consists of the student looking at numbers out of sequence and saying their names. The student will color the numbers he knows and we celebrate his knowledge. I might say “Wow, look at all the numbers you already know, isn’t it great?” Even if the child knows only one number I can say, “Wow, you already know one of the numbers”. And if the child does not know any number I can say, “Wow, look at all the numbers you will learn in EC”.  The most important thing is to build the child’s confidence in his ability as a learner.

The numbers the student does not know are the learning goals for that particular student. The teacher plans activities to have the students practice number recognition. I tailored the activities according to students’ interests or according to what I think they will be intrigued about.

Amelia Mello, M.Ed.

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