May 16, 2012

Art Appreciation using Technology

I made a Power Point Presentation for my students about Paul Klee’s works, to introduce the ‘one line design’ concept to them. The Power Point included the “Dramatic Landscape”, which is one of Klee’s paintings that better exemplifies the abstract one line design. The Power Point was on the desktop of one of my classroom computers and right after I projected it on the white board, wanted to sit at the computer and watch it again. Today students were still asking to watch the presentation.

I made the Power Point using scanned pictures from a postcard collection of Paul Klee’s work that I got at a museum as well as pictures I found on the Internet.

Here is the Power Point I did that you can download from Mediafire. Click on the title below.

I unintentionally discovered that this is another great way to promote “Art Appreciation” in the classroom. Some students sat together at the computer and were talking to each other about the paintings.

The idea of the ‘one line design’ lesson comes from MaryAnn Kohl’s book “Discovering Great Artists”, which I will post about later. 

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