May 17, 2012

Reading Words Self-Assessment

I use this assessment with PreK and KG students 3 times a year. At the beginning (after a few weeks of school), middle (usually December or January) and end.

You color code according to the date so you and the students are able to see their progress. Give the child about 5 seconds to read the word then move to the next. young children usually sound out the words, which means they say each sound and then say the word.

At the beginning preK I do not expect the children to read any of the words but as the year goes on we begin to see progress. At the end of the school year I expect them to be able to read most of the words independently by slowly sounding them out. 

At the beginning of Kindergarten some children might not be able to read any of the words but they usually progress fast and by the end of the school year I expect them to read all the words accurately and in less than 4 seconds by sounding them out loud or internally.

I am also posting a blank template for you to put your own words.

Below is an example of a finished assessment. This assessment might go in the child's portfolio.

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