March 14, 2012


Making a Self-Portrait is always a fun and enriching activity. I am going to describe today's learning experience in doing a self-portrait.

First I showed the paper the students would use and I projected it on a white board. You can use a smart board of course or just chart paper I recommend having something to model drawing yourself.
We defined self-portrait and thought about which shapes we have in our bodies.
I asked a volunteer to come to the front and asked the kids to help me draw her face.
I add all details the children suggested.
 We were happy with the results.
I modeled using a mirror to look at my face and draw it.
After I finished my self-portrait I asked for the students input. They were fantastic. They asked me to add my hanging little camera purse, earrings, glasses, my toes showing because I was wearing sandals, patterns from my dress, and more.
I then handed a mirror and a paper to each student.

The kids had a ball looking at their faces in the mirror
They could work sitting or standing. And look how this girl is so focused on her drawing.
Even the younger ones did an amazing job.
Princesses did a great job too.          

After they were all ready we shared them with the group. I have different ways of sharing work. We had targeted our audience. It was our friends and our parents as we thought that this would be a great portfolio piece.
The way we chose to share today was for me to hold each drawing and ask the class to tell what they liked about the self-portrait I was holding.

And here are some more self-portrait samples.

You can download the self-portrait template by clicking on the picture below.

If you are doing portfolio with your class I have made two templates that can be useful. One to be used at the beginning of the school year and another one for the end of the school year. This way we can see the progress of drawing a self-portrait. 
Click on the pictures below to download the templates.

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