February 22, 2012

Watercolor Question Marks

To introduce question marks to the students I read the book Cat’s Colors by Jane Cabrera, which is the story of a cat asking you what his favorite color is. It is also a great book to work with colors.  

I traced a question mark similar to the one in the book and the students used watercolors to paint them.

They turned out so beautiful.

I cut and assembled them using tape on the back to hold the parts together,  

and another piece of tape in front so the sticky part wouldn’t stick anywhere else.

As a whole group we discussed if asking questions is a good thing. We came to the conclusion that we learn more if we ask questions.  We turned that conclusion into a question. After we used our question marks we decided to blue tack them on a board. Why? The answers were varied. Because they look so nice, because they are beautiful and colorful and because we can look at them to remember to ask more questions!

I modeled asking questions holding my question mark and some students wanted to do the same.

I traced the question marks on A3 watercolor paper but you can do on A4 paper, which is the size of the model below.
click here to download the file

Amelia Mello, M.Ed.

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