February 9, 2012

I Know a Little Hero

I believe most people know about the CNN hero’s. CNN define those heroes as everyday people who are making a difference, changing the world. Individuals who are giving back to the community, people whose selflessness and personal stories inspire us.

I have a little EC hero story to tell you that happened last week.

My little hero is Amy Sherr.  I am publishing this with her parent’s permission.

I saw Amy coming to school one day with a box and I saw her mother talking to Floriana who volunteers in my classroom for the love of learning and children.

Floriana who is over forty years old said Amy gave her a box of reading glasses to choose one that would help her see better. Floriana was moved by her act and told me what happened almost in tears, “How did she know?” she asked me.

I asked Amy, “How did you know Mrs. Floriana need glasses?”
“Because one day she was going to read a book to me and she could not see the little letters and had to ask Mrs. Amen to read it” she said.
Amy went home and told her mother that Floriana needed glasses to read small letters. Let me explain. Amy’s parents are Homeopaths and they do an amazing work in Africa. One of the things they do is to collect second hand glasses from patients and friends in the west to distribute in Africa. They take those glasses to villages where people live in very harsh conditions, so you can imagine reading glasses are a luxury to them. They are also making a big difference!

The amazing thing is that little Amy, inferred that Floriana needed reading glasses. Did not forget this fact went home and asked her mother if she could take the box of glasses to school so Floriana could get one. Amy made a difference in Floriana’s life and in mine. Floriana and I were so touched by her act. She is an inspiration!!! 

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