February 28, 2012

Stencils! Fun and Easy!

There is something about stencils that is unique and fascinating. You create precise designs using a dabbing technique without the need to draw anything.

All you need is a stencil, paint in a small container and a piece of foam.

If you blue tack the stencil on the paper it works even better because the stencil won’t slide. Put only a very small amount of blue tack or the paint might run underneath.

I have a box full of stencils and the students wanted to use the butterfly probably because we have been talking about the life cycle of butterflies.

There are so many ways you can use stencils, from being part of journal writing to describing, talking about it, or simply creating a beautiful image.

We used the butterfly stencil on an A4 paper. I could have done 4 different colors of the same butterfly on an A3 paper. It all depends on what your objective is. Mine was just to promote one more way to make a butterfly and observe how one side looks like the other (symmetry).

Amelia Mello, M.Ed.

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