February 24, 2012

Kindle Books in the Classroom

I recently found adorable Kindle books by Gerald Hawksley on Amazon. He actually wrote a few books especially for the Kindle format but he also has books that are paperback versions.
I have the books on my Kindle for Mac and I project them on the white board. The children love it. Gerald’s stories are perfect for Pre-K and K. They are entertaining, have colorful illustrations, lots of rhyming words and you can use them in a lot of different ways.

In my opinion Kindle books projected on a screen is a similar experience of reading big books, only better as the screen brings a whole new dimension to the book viewing. All the students can see the book very well for one and watching the colorful images of a book with print being read to you on a big screen in a dim lit room is a cool experience, almost like a movie. Only better because it is a ‘book’ and the teacher can work with a wide variety of approaches.

In the picture above I asked one of my students to point to a specific word.  I can have a student point to a beginning sound, ending sound, rhyming words, point to details on the illustration, and so much more.

I love using Kindle books in the classroom but not all picture books with a Kindle version come out well on the screen especially if they are conventional books with illustrations that spread over two pages.

Below are the books from Gerald Hawksley that I have bought so far and I recommend:
Happy Animals
If You Have a Hat
Happy Hat Day
Silly Monsters 1,2,3
Silly Monsters ABC

If you have any good recommendations of Kindle picture books for pre-school please drop me a note at mrsameliapreschool@gmail.com

Amelia Mello, M.Ed.

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