February 29, 2012

Beginning Sounds of Our Names

Children’s names are the most important words for them. So when you review the beginning sound of their names they are usually very excited about it.

The last time we reviewed the beginning sounds of our names I started by placing their letters in the middle of the circle and they had to find their own.

Then we used seeds to glue on the letters.

After the seeds dried the students worked in small groups. I precut pictures of objects that had the same beginning letter of their names and placed them all in the middle of the table. The students had to first sort out the pictures and then glue them next to their letter sound.

They shared their work in their small group and then with the whole class and we decided to place them on a bulleting board.

I thought the students would not look at the work anymore but once in a while a student gets our “pointer”, (the little blue hand you see in the picture) and they start looking at the seed letters and name the pictures around it. That is realy gratifying to see.

I like to have them revisit the board with varying approaches, for example I ask the children to say the sounds of the letters as I point to them, then they say the word out loud.  We spelled words like cat, mat, hat, fat, sat, can, fin, dad, Sam, ham, mad, and a few more.

This will go in their portfolios as a result of the enthusiasm the students showed towards their work.

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