February 7, 2012

OWL handprints - More than a craft

When I first saw this owl print craft on Pinterest I thought, ‘How adorable!' Then I realized that with this project I could work on visual perception, math, language and sensory skills.

Here are a few of the questions I posed to the students:

Language – what is it; what do you know about it; have you seen it before; have you read books about it; what’s the beginning sound; ending sound, etc.

Math – How many of each piece you need; total number of parts needed, shapes, language of position, etc.

Visual perception – where to place the body and why; why do we need space below the body; eyes placement; beak placement and position, etc.

I would ask questions and point out to details according to the child’s level of ability.

It is amazing how much the children absorb when you analyze a picture with them before you start a project. They become aware of various elements of design, they become aware of what the purpose of the project is and they add their own individual touch. I believe that both the process and the product should be taken into consideration.

Children’s collages, paintings, drawings etc are their first form of written expression. Children have the right to receive clues and guidelines the same way we do when we use guided reading strategies.

And here we have our own lovely owl project thanks to ‘The Dubiens’. Check out their blog http://www.meetthedubiens.com/2010/11/handprint-owls.html

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