January 17, 2012

Singing Rhyming Words

Willaby Wallaby Woo – Singing Rhyming Words

Listening to rhyming words is a must in preschool. It is part of  “Phonemic Awareness”, which put in simple words is the ability to hear sounds in words.
One of my favorite activities is to sing “Willaby Wallaby Woo” by Raffi using the students’ names.

The first time I do this activity I introduce Mrs. Willaby Wallaby a silly puppet elephant who loves rhyming words. We talk about, define, exemplify, etc rhyming words.

Then I begin singing the song and place the elephant on each child’s head as I sing his/her name. The song becomes part of our circle time.

To make the silly rhyme just put W on the stressed syllable of the name. Examples: Welia/Amelia, Walice/Alice, Welen/Helen, Won/John.

Here is the link to this delightful Raffi’s song on youtube so you can have an idea of how it sounds.


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