January 27, 2012

Great Resource for Practicing Writing Own Name

I really like the resources from “Sparkle Box”.  They are great and they are “free”.

One of the resources I use for practicing writing own name are the dry-wipe strips. I print them in color then write the name of the child with green or blue marker and laminate the strip. The child can go over his/her name with a black dry-wipe marker or dry-erase crayons. I cut pieces of felt as erasers.

I teach one letter at a time and when the child is confident writing her name she can use a blank strip to ‘copy’ the name.
I like the fact that the strips have ground grass and sky, which makes it easy to explain where the letters start.

Once the child is confident copying the name then comes the challenge of trying to write the name independently. I tell the child to cover the name strip with the piece of felt and peak whenever he forgets how the name goes. They really like it.

 This is how the strips look like when printed on an A4 paper. It's only 2 strips per page which makes them a perfect size for Pre-K and K.
To get those blank strips go to:

Or go to Sparkle Box home page and explore all their amazing resources. http://www.sparklebox.co.uk/


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