January 25, 2012

Fabulous Montessori Inspired Cheap Easy to Assemble Activities

I know this is a big title but it says it all.

Before I made play dough with the students I wanted them to experiment with measuring cups and spoons, which are linked to standard units of measurement. Then I set up Montessori inspired activities so they could explore not only measuring cups and spoons but also different Math and Science concepts.

Besides all those activities are wonderful for developing fine motor skills.

I believe the pictures will tell you about those activities better than words. Enjoy!

Can I get another spoon and use both spoons at the same time?
Children are wonderful in coming up with the best ideas.

Pour in the glass jar, then back in the pitcher. And then start it all over again. This girl did this activity at least 4 times and she was "very" careful not to spill.

First scoop in. I looked and it seemed so leveled.
That is what this 3;0 years old did (she has just started school). She was leveling every single spoon she put inside.
After she finished she put all back inside the bowl.

I have to tell you that I had lots of fun going to the market and finding seeds for those activities.

It looks good! It feels good! And it tastes good! 
After we explore some more of those seeds we will cook them. Food must never go to waist.

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