June 5, 2012

Painting with Spools

In exploring the classroom to find unusual painting tools we decided to try 'spools' that are part of the 'Laces and Beads' box. We found out that they make interesting prints.


  • Do painters only use paintbrushes to create their artwork?
  • What are things they might use?
  • What can we use as a painting tool other than paint brushes?
  • If I tell you we can use only one color paint and paper, how would we decide which colors to use?
  • Can we create different artworks if we all use the same color paint and paper?
  • What makes your work unique even though you used the same colors and materials as your friend?

The group decided to use black paint and orange paper. It was interesting to observe that once the colors were voted, they all worked without complaining that they were not their favorite color. After all the paintings were ready, we place them all together on a big table to dry. The children talked about what they liked about their friends work. They also talked about similarities and differences.

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