June 1, 2012

Inspired by Georgia O'Keefe

Sometimes it takes one good tip from another teacher to change our way of presenting a project to our students. In reading the post from Sally's fabulous blog "Fairy Dust Teaching" about Georgia O'Keefe I solved a problem on how to present the 'poppies' project to my students. I never knew how to emphasize that the flowers Georgia painted were BIG. Big for preschoolers can be relative. Then I read in Sally's post that Georgia painted the flowers so big that they would reach the edges of the paper. Those were the magic words i needed! Thanks Sally!

Here is the link to Sally's post about O'Keefe.

Here is how I did it:
I showed a power point of Georgia's flowers and poppies to the students.
When looking at the flowers I asked many questions and among them how big the flowers were. The students said, "veeery big" and the discussion went on until together we noticed that the flowers were so big that they touched the sides of the paper. That was the missing ingredient for the project. Thanks Sally!

The students got the idea and followed it without hesitation. They were fascinated by it. The flowers grew and grew and some of them took over the whole paper.

We decided to use warm colors only. The students requested black for the middle as they saw it in O'Keefe's flowers. We used paintbrushes and regular A4 paper cut in an almost square shape. Most of the children naturally started by drawing the center of the flowers and then the petals.

Here are some of them.

We used the flowers to decorate the cover of our Art Portfolios. 


  1. Amelia, your blog is wonderful - thank you so much for doing it. The art creations that you've been doing in recent weeks are amazing, and I'm enjoying learning about the artists along with the students. Fantastic.

  2. Thanks a lot Mama Dominic. I have so much fun with the kids and I am so happy you enjoy my blog. Asante sana.