April 12, 2012

Sidewalk Chalk

We are beginning to investigate about "art medium". 

We first defined art medium as things we can use to create an artwork.

We brainstormed everything we had in the classroom that we could use to create art. As the students came up with an idea they would get the object/material, place it on the mat and I would write on a word web.

The picture below shows all the art medium we have in our classroom. 

This is how the word web looks and we will keep adding to it as the investigation evolves.

The medium of choice to use today was sidewalk chalk. 
Everyone got busy creating colorful designs. 

I tried to talk to the students about their artwork but they were more interested in creating than in talking. So I told them they could call me whenever they wanted to talk about their work. Occasionally one student would call me to show what they had created. 

They worked alone and in groups. They added to each other's work. Some children used all colors available and others used only one color. Some lost their interest quickly and others did not want to stop. As always a fascination experience to observe.

This girl found time to observe a millipede. 

She said "It has many legs, two antenna, a long body and it walks going this way and that way". She also said that it would be difficult to count the legs because the millipede does not stop moving and there are too many legs anyway to count.

Another Fun Day in EC!

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