April 30, 2012

Painting with Marbles

Painting with marbles is another great activity for preschool. As we are exploring primary and secondary colors, we have decided as a group to use primary colors for our finger paint and secondary colors for the marble paint.

We reviewed how we could make secondary colors but we used ready made green, orange and purple paint to make it easier.

One of the students questions was what would happened if we mixed the secondary colors together, which is a great question to investigate quickly and we found out it was brown.

All students wanted to use all three secondary colors. We reasoned about where we should put the scoops of paint.

We used all seven marbles we had and I suggest using at least 5 marbles for marble painting. One of our marbles was metal ball which made it roll faster than the others. When I asked the children what they liked about the project one of them said he liked listening to the marbles hit the sides of the tray. I had never thought about this project being an auditory experience too.

Initially the children were holding the tray over the table but then we found out it was easier if they were holding the tray standing away form the table. They would hold the tray both ways like shown in the pictures below.

A project with a fun process and beautiful products.

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