March 6, 2012

World's Spelling Day

Today it was World’s Spelling Day and EC wanted to join the rest of the school on this event. As this week we are investigating the letter T we spelled  words starting with T. We wrote them on the board and TV was one of them. The young children used wrote and drew TV in their journals. With that we also talked about shapes as TVs are mostly rectangles. Some even drew the remote control. Here are some examples below.

Older students chose to write words and I proposed using a worksheet that I call “Fabulous Four”, which I do not use frequently in EC but my students are so eager to write and are ready for some more structured work. They helped me spell the words on cards and then they copied the words form the cards. I did not limit them to words starting with T. Here are some samples.

Below is the template of the fabulous four worksheet. Just click on the picture to download it through Mediafire. I am sending it as a word document so you can modify it if you want.

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